Who we are

Who we are

Your Story Communications is a Christchurch-based boutique communications agency that produces maximum results. Through a programme of communications strategies, marketing and branding experts, we ensure every piece of your company’s visual and written communication is effective, professional and true to your voice and brand.


We work with a range of businesses, from large multinationals to small independents – and everything in between. Our ability to capture your ideas and translate them into a meaningful strategy of words, branding and marketing , is backed by our diverse experience and creative flair. Whoever you are, whatever your business, our approach is to develop understanding and insight in order to shape a creative response.


We dig deep and ask the unasked questions. It’s easy enough to scratch the surface of what a company is about, but to really get to the core of the business, you need to think dynamically. We don’t just understand what you want, we understand what you need.


We’re passionate about seeking solutions and providing results, to help fellow businesses grow. One of the biggest challenges facing modern businesses is time – time to balance day-to-day operations with innovative market growth. It’s a balancing act – and we never let the ball drop. We work alongside your business to deliver the results you expect – and perhaps a few beyond that.  

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