Online Content

Build buzz through online interaction 

At Your Story Communications, our team understands how to leverage ever-evolving digital technologies, platforms and channels to help measurably improve business outcomes. We believe magnetic content is key to driving business growth and market impact, and so we create online content people want to read – and Google will notice. 

We connect the values of brands and businesses online with the values of their audience.  The key to online content is customer interaction – enhancing the overall experience for the customer and engaging with them in a meaningful way. Content needs to be interesting for the audience, as well as constantly adapting to Google’s ever-evolving SEO demands.

We connect the digital dots so you can leverage online opportunities 

  • Blogs
  • Website optimisation and content management
  • Social media management
  • E-newsletters
  • Research and analytics



Why you need online content

The online marketplace is bigger than ever, and more and more people are using it to find out what they need. There are huge opportunities to engage with your customers and build your brand online, in ways that are simply not possible through other marketing channels. Blogs, online newsletters, and social media provide a platform to engage with customers in a new way – demonstrating transparency and building your reputation.

Quality, optimised online content:

  • Provides information quickly – with the rise of smart phones and tablets, you can reach customers by the click of a button, any time of day.
  • Builds reputation and trust – an engaging online presence demonstrates a level of authenticity, showing that you are a reputable business that cares about its clients. 
  • Builds a strong customer base – social media provides a forum in which customers can engage with your business, to share their stories and get up close and personal to your company.
  • Ranks high on Google – search-engine-optimised content that  is useful to the audience, is more likely to get seen, read and understood.



How we do it

Working with a dedicated team of online marketers, we ensure content is easily found, easily read and easily achieves the results you want. We do this by:

1. Research: we discuss your online requirements, including any ongoing and isolated projects. We then produce a comprehensive file of SEO research, company information and details needed in any online communications. 

2. Plan: we develop an online strategy, website layout and design. We then send a website and photo brief to the appropriate developers and designers. 

3. Implement: working with online marketers and web developers, we produce your online content – with all copy complementing your brand, and optimised for search engines. We regularly schedule ongoing projects such as e-newsletters and social media management, so it reaches your contacts or followers when they’re most likely to take notice.