Media Stories

Valuable exposure can’t
be bought, only built

Strategic media relations is a key component of effective public relations. We reach the right media outlets, with the right message at the right time.

A powerful media story can drive interest about your company, not only in media outlets, but with your customers and business partners too. Visibility in media outlets, such as magazines and newspapers, helps to keep you top-of-mind and supports your company’s market leadership.

We can develop, write and pitch a media story that has impact

  • Press releases
  • Media columns
  • Media articles
  • Media kits
  • Interviews



Why you need media stories

Media stories get your business in the public eye by providing YOUR Story in a format people want to read. People buy and subscribe to newspapers and magazines every day, and it’s a sure bet they aren’t buying them to see the latest advertisements! Media stories can do great things for your business, including:

  • Staying relevant: media stories often hook in to current news events, anticipated holidays and other popular cultural news – creating relevant material and an engaged audience.
  • Valuable content: a media story offering relevant advice for readers leaves only positive associations. 
  • Positive perception: media stories benefit from the credibility of the publication – and the knowledge your business has earned its place, rather than paid for it.  A media story has greater readability and in turn garners trust.



How we do it

Our dedicated team of writers have over 20 years’ experience in journalism, writing for both national and local publications. We create powerful media stories by digging deeper and asking the unanswered questions. We deliver the best and most effective news outcomes via long-standing and well-respected media relationships across many sectors including general, consumer, technology, and business. We build Your Story into something people actively want to read, by:

  • Interviewing: we talk to the people who matter – those who make your business, use your business or support your business. We find a personable aspect in every individual’s story, and bring that story to life.
  • Writing: we can write in a vast range of styles to suit particular publications, sections and topics.  We meticulously edit and proof-read every media story we produce to ensure nothing but the best goes out.
  • Pitching: our highly experienced team pitch the media story to the appropriate channels, and do so in a timely and professional manner. 


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