Customised marketing strategies
– not cookie cutter

Without the right communication channels, your words won’t be heard and your brand won’t be recognised. We are dedicated to maintaining a strong presence for businesses through marketing – ensuring they are seen, heard and discussed in the most appropriate channels.

Successful marketing is backed by in-depth and ongoing analysis. To build a successful company, you need a great product – but a great product doesn’t lead to success by itself. You may have the right product for the wrong market, and fail. You might have the right product for the right market and still fail, because no one knows you exist. You can also be successful one day and wake up the next to find that the market has changed and you haven’t adapted.  Stay focused on marketing at every stage of your business, and get your customers focusing on you.

 Let your words shout, not whisper

  • Online marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Mass marketing
  • Social media 
  • Advertising
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation 



Why you need marketing

Inexperienced companies often view marketing as the medicine they should take when something is wrong. Not enough customers? Just take some marketing and everything will be fine in the morning. But by then it’s too late to start what you should have been doing all along. Marketing is like food – the sustained nourishment of your business. It keeps your company at the front of customers’ minds. Marketing:

  • maintains reputation
  • shapes your customer base
  • creates ongoing demand
  • secures your company’s future.



How we do it 

We look at both the internal and external environments to develop and implement a strategic plan that has depth – analysing the current marketing mix, customer, competitor and target markets, and evaluating key trends.  By making sure we understand every aspect of both business and market, we can create marketing strategies based not on what we assume will work, but what we know will work. Our process involves:

  • Research: We look at where your business is now, and where you want to be. A situational analysis and discovery session provide us with an in-depth understanding of what channels and messages are necessary to reach your objectives. 
  • Plan: We create a marketing plan consisting of marketing and communications opportunities, pricing and an estimated timeline. We don’t provide just the bare minimum, we look above and beyond all the options available and how they can leverage your marketing messages. 
  • Implement: We work with our broad and diverse industry contacts to produce marketing material, media placements and advertisements, in the right places at the right times.