Simplicity is the secret to successful copy

We believe in simple, clear and effective copy that’s written for a targeted audience. Your words need to engage, inform, explain, engender action and get results…no gimmicks – just great ideas translated into meaningful words.

We help business find their voice – companies large and small. We have worked with multi-nationals and alongside boutique start-ups. We have told the stories of our nation’s leaders. We write smart copy for business. Whether its online or offline, chatty or formal, we shape our writing to reflect what matters most – YOUR Story.  

Ideas don’t stand still – why should you?

  • Public relations
  • Media Relations
  • Website copy
  • Website reviews
  • Media articles
  • Press releases
  • eNewsletters
  • Brochures
  • Blogs
  • Business presentations
  • Award submissions



Why you need a copywriter

Copywriting is everywhere you look. From billboards on the street to radio ads on the airwaves – a copywriter wrote it. Consumers are bombarded by information, day in and day out. So it’s important that your copy stands out from the crowd, creating enough curiosity to make your prospects act.

OK, you think, so a copywriter writes the copy for ads, brochures and everything in between… why can’t I do that? 

  • You don’t have time: If you’re good at what you do, do it. We focus on your copywriting, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Copywriting is a studied skill: It isn’t just putting grammatical sentences together. It’s creating compelling copy that gets people’s attention, distilling product features into benefits people care about. It’s about knowing your audience and company well enough to create the tone, voice and message that will achieve your goals. 
  • Outside perspective: You know your product better than anyone else does. However, we can look at your product with no prior knowledge – and that’s a good thing. We can take the internal jargon and translate it into meaningful benefits for your customers.
  • Great copy can increase your returns: A professionally written piece of copy is valuable, bringing more response and more returns. It is clear to understand, says exactly what you need to say, and encourages readers to act on it.  



How we do it

We think broadly, dig deeply and ask many questions. As a result, we uncover Your Story and deliver it in an appropriate, engaging and results-driven manner. By weaving together sales, creativity and meticulous proof-reading, we help readers to notice you – and act on it.  Our copywriting process produces results.

1. Ask WHY: We determine your goals in writing each piece of collateral.
2. Identify your voice: We create a tone and and voice that reflects your brand’s personality.
3. Know your audience: We answer the questions your customers are asking. 
4. Say what you mean: We KISS – keep it succinct and simple.
5. Be active: We bring the words alive, with an active voice that creates punchier sentences. 
6. Accentuate the positives: We tell the reader what’s in it for them. 
7. Ask for action: We ask for action that complements the goals from step 1.
8. Edit, edit then edit again: We never look at copy just once – word choice, grammar and punctuation matter.