What we do

Ideas need words

Ideas and words for your business

We are your creative consultancy … your copywriter, your marketing agency, and your media relations advisor – all rolled into one.

We help you conceptualise your ideas, then lead, project manage and deliver fully integrated public relations, communications and marketing solutions. We work closely with a growing team of talented and results-driven partners in graphic design, brand management, web design, printing, event management and marketing .

We capture ideas and deliver solutions



Why you need us 

Getting the word out about your product or service should always be a priority.  Rather than shouting at the top of your lungs from every tall building you know of, let us do the hard work for you. We have the loudspeakers to make your message heard, the connections to reach the right people, and the experience to engage your audience. We have a way with words, but  we’re not all talk. We deliver real results. We have:

  • The creative expertise to take your concepts then find unique and engaging ways to communicate them to meet your objectives.
  • An extensive network of media and industry contacts that allows us to easily tap into the best services and channels to take YOUR Story to the people who matter.
  • Over 20 years in the media and marketing.
  • A diverse team that combines tried and tested strategies with young, fresh and innovative ideas to get the right result for you.



How we do it

MAKING THE PROCESS SIMPLE  – Simplicity and results – that’s our mission!

We’re a results-driven team. But to achieve results, we need to be clear about your objectives. So we have developed a simple process that we work through with you to establish:

1. Why? We create clarity around why you are communicating and what you want to achieve, where you will place your messages, how to achieve maximum results and how will you know when you have been successful.

2. What’s YOUR Story? We identify your key messages and events, the unique selling points and points of difference your company brings to the market place. Then we highlight the part of YOUR Story that will get you noticed.

3. Who? Are you crystal clear about who your different audiences are? There will always be more than one – the plan will identify each audience sector so you can tailor messages specific to each.

4. How? How do we convert this information into a clear pathway forward? We will explore channels and ways to communicate with your audiences, and lay out the plan in clear and precise action steps.

5. When? We will establish a comprehensive plan that gives your communications and marketing impact, building upon itself for maximum momentum.

6. Results! How will you know you have been successful? We’ll ensure you have a clear idea on how to measure the results of your communications.