Join the digital express

The Press, 15 October 2014

Get on board to get the best out of new technology

The influx of digital natives into the workforce, combined with the rapid pace of technological advancements, is influencing every aspect of the way we work.

So, are you a digital native or a digital immigrant? If you were born before the existence of digital technology, you are the former. Born after, you’re an immigrant.  Immigrants take note, as each subsequent generation of digital natives stream into our workplaces, they bring new ideas and new approaches that deserve our attention.

As a result, technology is infiltrating every corner and nearly impossible to avoid in today’s workplace. But why avoid it?

The information technology (IT) industry is at its most exciting now.

Every day, around the world, someone proves that with the available technology, anything is possible.

Nick Witteman is general manager of Christchurch-based internet solution engineer Global Office. He takes a look at the role of technology in the workplace and where you sit in the digital landscape.