Tips to writing your website copy

typing-on-a-keyboard1You have a successful business. Your product or service is great, word of mouth has got around, and the customers just keep coming. But, soon enough people are going to question your legitimacy, and word of mouth can only keep you going for so long. Why would they come to you when your competitor has been around longer, has a stronger brand, and is well known far and wide? There is one thing you can do to encourage customers you have what they need over anyone else – and that is a website.

No matter how simple or small, having a web presence is a powerful tool. The first thing you do when you’re looking for a new phone, a doctor, or even marketing help? You do a Google search. Having a website for your company ensures you are a result in that Google search.

So you get a website set up. You have your graphics sorted, pages in place…but, you need website copy. Here are a few tips to writing your website copy so it works for you, and makes the most of the web space you have;

  • Identify the need: When people visit your site, what you want them to do? Call you? Fill out an enquiry form? Buy products online? It is important you recognise this, as it will shape your whole website. If you want people to visit your office or product in-store, you have to provide enough information to grab their attention, but not give everything away. It’s also important that you spell it out for people. Tell them to ‘Come in store and see for yourself’, or call now…and provide the address and phone number for visitors. Make it easy for them – and you’ll make it easy for yourself.


  • Keep it simple and spell it out: Remember that most people visiting your website know nothing about your company. They might have found your site, but they clearly need to know WHAT you do, WHERE you do it, and WHY you do it. Think about what your client wants to know, not what you want them to know! Do you have one thing to offer that nobody else does? Make it clear. Spell it out.


  • Remember key words: When writing website copy, you must ensure you have a list of key words for each page. What will people be typing into the search bar to find your company? These key words should be carefully chosen, and interwoven into your website copy. If you’re a building company in Christchurch your list of words might be: custom built, homes Christchurch, registered master builders, new homes, houses, renovations. This makes your site easy to find by Google, particularly if you use meaningful key words, multiple times, throughout your copy. And make sure you have different, specific key words for each page – your ‘Services’ page will provide  different information to your ‘About us’ page, so make sure your key words reflect that so people find the right information they are looking for.