WorkSpace IQ


Jane Cowan-Harris came to us with a vision that needed a name, branding and website. The business, a Christchurch based team of ergonomic design and health experts, offers advice and help with office design and injury prevention. We saw that the company needed a creative brainstorm to get to the heart of what is was about, who it was for,  and why.

After an in-depth discovery session, we formulated a list of keywords that encompassed the business goals and processes, narrowing these down to a short and informative company name; ‘WorkSpace IQ’, and accompanying tagline ‘Intelligent Workplace Design’. From here we performed some SEO research and created the website copy – aiming to be informative yet understandable. View the WorkSpace UQ website here.

PLEASE NOTE: We always endorse the need to have a customisable website, allowing you to update it regularly. Therefore, the words on the sites we once wrote could well have been changed – thus no website promoted here can be taken a  true reflection of our work