My Office provides full bookkeeping services, debt collection, payroll and secretarial services.

To increase the company’s market presence, Your Story Communications was contacted to provide a monthly newsletter, advertisement, and media articles. This has been achieved with newsletters and media articles and educational articles successfully being published each month, and regular columns being  published in the Master Builders magazine,  Canterbury Today, Auckland Today and Wellington Today.

The focus on all stories and columns was around educating the reader. Here Steve Lowery asks the question, Are your systems rebuild ready?

“Having Your Story on board means we have an expert on our team – things get done and  they get done 10 times quicker.  The Your Story girls have a knack of being able to very easily extract the key message and turning it into engaging content …all from a simple conversation with you.  A god send for a numbers guy! Sandy’s experienced and holistic view of business helps enormously.”

Steve Lowery, Managing Director, myOffice. 2012