Men @ Work


Men@Work is a Christchurch-based temporary traffic management company. After business had started to boom with the growing roadworks around Christchurch, Men@Work needed a website to act as a portal of information about the company and to validate their existence! We saw that the branding needed a bit of sharpening up, and discussed the necessary elements that should be included in the website.


Your Story Communications worked alongside a web development company to refine the original logo and create a sharp and sleek website. After creating a logo, website and photo brief, YSC project managed the job until completion. YSC also produced an article, case study and advertisement, which was placed in issue 118 Canterbury Today. 


The website successfully went live with clear and concise content, and strong branding throughout. View the Men @ Work website here.

PLEASE NOTE: We always endorse the need to have a customisable website, allowing you to update it regularly. Therefore, the words on the sites we once wrote could well have been changed – thus no website promoted here can be taken a  true reflection of our work