Malley & Co Lawyers


Malley & Co Lawyers  is a modern, full service legal practice involved in all facets of the law – big enough to expertly handle all their client’s legal affairs, but small enough to maintain a personal client/lawyer relationship. In August 2012, Malley & Co were one of the first law firms to move back to the central city, post earthquake. Having navigated the ever-changing maze around leases, insurance and all other matters requiring attention before moving back to the city, Malley & Co were in an advantaged position to offer other companies advice and guidance on returning to the city centre. To highlight their capabilities, Your Story Communications was brought on to position the city office as an expert in all matters related to returning a business to the CBD, and to raise the profile of the Hornby office.


YSC established a regular and ongoing schedule of tactics to achieve the objectives, including the production and publication of educational articles, expert columns and case studies. This included a series of  educational articles titled ‘Lessons from Christchurch’ were published in the New Zealand Herald and monthly legal advice columns in various publications. Malley & Co Lawyers have been a client since 2012.

The Press and Canterbury Today published our articles on Malley & Co’s return to the central city.

Read an educational column from Malley & Co here. The first issue of Build and Renovate Today featured an article on navigating the Christchurch insurance minefield.The next issue expanded on this with a story on red zone insurance woes.

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