LifeLine Christchurch wished to engage with their family of volunteers and staff, both past and present, whilst re-establishing their position in the community as an essential, professional counseling service, rather than a last resort source of support. We saw that LifeLine needed a defined 50th Anniversary brand, messages to reach two different target audiences, and strategies in place to create a memorable year-long celebration of LifeLine Christchurch.


To achieve this, Your Story Communications worked with 360 Degree Events to embark on a strategically planned communications and events journey.  All communications had to reflect the organisation’s culture; supporting the community 24/7, 365 days a year. 

The communications pathway was split into two campaign themes; an external campaign for the public, and an internal campaign for the LifeLine family.  After creating the campaign brand and messaging, YSC developed a marketing plan consisting of online strategy, editorial and media, direct marketing, local television, social media and advertising.  A timeline is currently in place to implement these range of strategies over the year and build LifeLine Christchurch’s connection with the public and their family of volunteers and staff.